Move Fast And Break Things is Great – Until It Isn’t

So much of the tech sphere, and a lot of businesses in general, have fallen in love with the mantra “Move fast and break things” that was a motto at Facebook in its early years. On its surface, it’s a great idea – take chances, do stuff, see what works, and don’t be afraid to […]

Your Resume is a Marketing Document – Nothing More, Nothing Less

If you look on social media (or, worse, the people who are trying to sell books on resume writing or resume writing services), you’ll see a lot of conflicting statements about what your resume should be like, how long it should be, words to avoid, and various other topics. Let’s make it simple. I’ll give […]

Don’t Obsess Over Velocity

We talk about how using Agile practices help us deliver business value faster because they let us focus on doing the right things faster as well as doing things like incremental releases. Unfortunately, there’s a dark side that often comes along with this (and, in some organizations, ends up being the driving force instead of […]

On Call Practices

One of the downsides to web hosted software is the fact that it’s always supposed to be available. Unfortunately, outages happen – maybe it’s because of a bug in the code, an infrastructure outage, or because an army of squirrels chewed through the power lines that feed into us-east-1. For a lot of companies, that […]


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