Stop Using Acronyms

One of the hardest problems in business (right along with all of the other hardest problems in business) is communication. Every industry, and honestly every business, has its own terminology that you need to be aware of. You know what a lot of businesses also have (and often overuse)? Acronyms. And we need to reverse…

You Can’t Force Psychological Safety

In recent years, a lot more emphasis has been placed on making spaces (particularly workplaces) into settings that have psychological safety. I consider this a fantastic trend (though a lot of people tend to disagree with me) because people who feel psychologically safe not only have a better quality of life, the results of their…

Becoming Agile – How Transformations Go Wrong and How To Start Doing It Better

If you’ve been in tech long enough, you’ve either been through an “Agile Transformation” or you’ve seen the result of one. Usually what happens is the company brings in a consultant for a short period of time (sometimes a day, sometimes several weeks) and they introduce you to a bunch of Ceremonies that you basically…

Assuming Good Intent is a Bad Idea

Telling people to “assume good intent” when they interact with others is one of those things that sounds great because it acts as a social lubricant, but is actually a really bad idea and can cause a great deal of harm. It Actively Hides Bad Actors Part of how it causes harm is because it…


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