Own Up To Your Mistakes

As a culture, we have a real problem admitting when we’re wrong. This seems to be especially true in the workplace when people in positions of authority are concerned. There are too many people who seem to think that admitting that they made a mistake or apologizing for a misstep makes you look weak and […]

Managers, Give Your Team Credit

There are a lot of differences between good managers and bad managers. One of them is that bad managers often try to take credit for the work that their team does as though they were the ones that did it. I once had a manager who would even try to downplay the contributions of the […]

Nobody Works Well Under Pressure

You hear a lot of people saying that someone works well under pressure, or companies posting job descriptions that include the requirement that applicants work well under pressure. The truth is that nobody works well under pressure. Period. Someone may work better than a random sampling of people when put under pressure, but that’s not […]

Cost Centers vs Profit Centers

In a lot of businesses, you have two areas of operation – cost centers and profit centers. They both have an impact on the profitability and viability of a business, but they are often viewed very differently by the people who run the business. Where it matters to most of the people who read this […]


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I’ve spent most of my career as a developer helping teams write more secure, more maintainable code while helping them learn how to deliver value in a more responsive way.

I joke that I’m a misanthrope, but the truth is that I hate seeing people being abused and work to prevent that from happening.

I wear a lot of hats on my teams, both figuratively and literally.

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