Trust During The Interview Process

I’ve been on both sides of the interview table a number of times and I can tell you that there’s a huge divide between the best experiences I’ve had and the worst ones. If we’re being honest, there’s a pretty big divide between the mediocre ones and the worst ones too. One of the largest […]

Questions From a Developer Bootcamp

I was recently invited to take part in a panel discussion at a coding bootcamp about lessons I’ve learned as a developer. I’m always surprised when I get asked to do this sort of thing because I know people with a much larger audience than I have and I’m used to them being the ones […]

Culture Fit vs Culture Add

If you spend any time giving interviews (or much time going through the interview process, honestly), you’ll probably start to hear people talking about “culture fit.” The amount of people that obsess over the concept boggles the mind. And it’s the wrong thing to do. In fact, it can be actively harmful to not only […]

Put Your Risks and Failures Into Perspective

Most of us have an inherent fear of failing. I include myself in this. Failing sucks. It’s no fun, it’s embarrassing, and far too many of us grew up hearing “If you don’t do $x, you’ll be a failure” (or various other permutations on the concept). The truth is that, on the whole, failure isn’t […]


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Hi, I’m James.

I’ve spent most of my career as a developer helping teams write more secure, more maintainable code while helping them learn how to deliver value in a more responsive way.

I joke that I’m a misanthrope, but the truth is that I hate seeing people being abused and work to prevent that from happening.

I wear a lot of hats on my teams, both figuratively and literally.

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