Networking is Just Talking to People

You hear people say that the real way you get jobs is not through applying to things online, but through networking. The truth is that, by and large, they’re correct. The problem is that a lot of us have no idea how to network or even what it really is. In fact, for some people, […]

If It’s Not In Writing, It Didn’t Happen

During your career, you’ll be faced with times when someone will tell you something along the lines of “You’ll be getting a raise/bonus of $x if you meet these metrics” or “We won’t try to take the IP of things you work on during your own time” or even something as simple as “We are […]

Asking “Can We Do This?” Isn’t Enough

When we’re looking at a course of action, whether it’s for your business or in your personal life, too many of us get hung up on whether or not we can do something and not whether or not it actually makes sense to do it. This can lead to a lot of (hopefully) unintended consequences […]

Not All Solutions Involve Writing Code

As a software developer, you spend a lot of time studying, thinking about, and writing code. It’s in the name, right? There’s nothing inherently wrong with that. There is, however, a problem when you actually start doing the job. You aren’t paid to write code (despite what you and, likely, your boss think). You’re paid […]


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I joke that I’m a misanthrope, but the truth is that I hate seeing people being abused and work to prevent that from happening.

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