It’s Okay to Outgrow a Mentor

In your personal and professional life, you’ll probably have at least a few people that you look up to, learn from, ask for advice, and use as a sounding board or confidant. They’re people that will help you get father than you could have on your own.

Mentors are important. There’s no denying it. There is, however, one thing to keep in mind:

They’re also people. Just like you, they have hopes, fears, dreams, and aspirations. And just like you, they change as they go through their lives.

Sometimes that changes brings us closer together. Other times that change creates distance between us (whether physical or personal). Occasionally it drives us apart. All of these things are okay, though they can be difficult to come to terms with.

I’ve had friends that have become mentors, and sometimes mentors that became friends. I’ve also had people who were mentors to me that it became unhealthy to be around.

One of them is someone I knew for years. We’d always had some differences (we’re people and that’s normal), but we got along well for the most part. I learned a lot from him and he may have even learned a thing or two from me

As time went on, however, we both changed enough that we really just weren’t a good fit for each other. I know it was difficult for me to end the relationship, and I would imagine that it wasn’t exactly easy for him either, but it was what was probably best for both of us.

Don’t go into a relationship with anyone using the mindset that one day you’ll part. That’s generally not healthy, but you shouldn’t hang on to things after they’ve become harmful for you either.

You only get one life. Make sure that you treat it well, and that includes being around people that help you be better even if you have to say goodbye to them later in your journey.

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